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Welcome to the West Urbana Neighborhood Association (WUNA)

Our mission is to preserve the residential integrity of the neighborhood, while continuing to welcome a diverse mix of residents to its lovely, quiet, tree-lined streets. WUNA seeks to maintain and enhance the neighborhood's friendly, attractive, and safe environment that is within walking distance of downtown, campus, and excellent schools.

WUNA is a grassroots, volunteer organization. Its listserv, which is also maintained by volunteers for the neighborhood benefit, is an excellent forum for neighbors who wish to discuss items of interest. In no way does it reflect the beliefs of the membership as a whole or the WUNA Steering Committee. We welcome your involvement.

Welcome to the Neighborhood Brochure - has information about parking, garbage, recyling, noise, property upkeep and occupancy limits. It is also useful as a reminder to curretn residents about existing ordinances.

Fall 2017 Leaf Collection Schedule

On the day of your recycling pickup.


Below is a poem distributed on the WUNA listserv

By Jeff Unger

What’s that noise, what’s that smell?
Let’s ask WUNA, I can’t tell.
Feral cats? City rats? Police training? (Rat-a-tat.)
Traffic circles, bike lanes, poop,
WUNA’s always got the scoop ...
Want a mattress? Need an herb?
They’re on the street, friend, at the curb.
Help! Someone’s snatched my front-porch pumpkin,
Please don’t accuse a country bumpkin.
We know not to cast aspersions –
Racial, ethnic, gender versions.
All are equal, free to post,
On any topic, coast to coast.
“Hey, I need a good proctologist,”
(Seamstress, painter, or geologist).
The questions come from near and far
(“Where might I find some Arctic char?”)
Few topics ever seem verboten:
There’s Carle and Wise and concealed totin’;
Taxes, Prussing, Steve Salaita,
On-list, off-list, day and nighta.
Discussions come, discussions go
Sometimes come back – AGAIN? – oh, no.
But in the end, despite its quirks,
We love our WUNA and its perks.

West Urbana Neighbor Hood Residential Parking Zone

Miscellaneous Waste Disposal Information

Charlie Smyth's list of info and relevant web sites.

Urbana Newcomers Can Sign Up for Lower Electric Rate

Residents new to the city may not know that Urbana has a municipal electric aggregation program that will save them money if they participate. The News-Gazette article below has instructions for doing this.


Urbana's 100 Most Important Building

The results are in. Using your nominations, the Urbana Historic Preservation Commission has finalized a list of the 100 Most Significant Buildings in Urbana. The buildings range from a modest cottage built around 1850 to a house with an uncanny likeness to a UFO built in 1954 for a jazz musician; from a bungalow that was ordered out of a Sears catalogue circa 1920 to the mansions of some of Urbana’s founding fathers. The list includes many of the historic buildings in our downtown—the library, the county courthouse, and many of the buildings on the 100-block of West Main Street—as well as many of the impressive fraternities and sororities that were typically built prior to World War II in eclectic styles and designed by well-known architects.

Contacting Urbana Planning Commission and/or Urbana School Board members

http://urbanaillinois.us/boards/plan-commission - Urbana Planning Commission
http://usd116.org/index.php/district/school-board/ Urbana School Board

The West Urbana neighborhood was named by the American Planning Association one of the ten great neighborhoods in the U.S.A. because of its character, livability, and positive community feeling.

Thanks to these businesses for their contribution to the Historic West Urbana Street Sign Project

Balbach & Fehr PC
Cinema Gallery
Arlynn Gottlieb, LCSW
Helen Grandone, attorney
Griggs Street Potters
Ron Rothschild, LCSW
Timpone's Restaurant
Twin City Bible Church
Michael Walker Consulting

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