by Samuel Beshers

‘Twas the night of the COVID, and all through the ‘hood
Most people were staying inside, as they should;
The virus was loose and could be anywhere,
So to go out and visit friends we did not dare
The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
No visions of homework or school in their heads;
And the dog in his harness, and I in my cap
The moon, gamely trying to cut through the fog
Gave a lustrous sheen to the coat of my dog,
When much to my wonder a shamrock was seen,
Splashing the doorway with bright shades of green.
Another house had one! And then one with four,
And then came a house with a dozen or more!
“Now, Shamrock! now, Shamrock! now Shamrock and Shamrock!
On, Shamrock! on, Shamrock! on, Shamrock and Shamrock!
We returned to our house, and the dog got his treat,
And we thought of the people who live on these streets;
The pandemic is here and we all need to cope,
Around the whole country we’re clinging to hope.
The TP’s all gone, but don’t give up the fight.
You can still hunt for shamrocks in WUNA.

Good night.

ps And to think that I saw it on South Orchard Street!